Best Places to Workout | Personal Trainer | Stratford, East London
Best Places to Workout In Stratford | Personal Trainer Tips


Best Places to Workout In Stratford | Personal Trainer Tips

Recommended outdoors workout locations in stratford FROM lOCAL pERSONAL tRAINER

Advice from local personal fitness trainer

My name is Dean and I’m a Personal Trainer based in East London. I thought it would be great to write a post about the best places to workout in Stratford, East London.Β 

In this post, will focus on great places to exercise for free, or low cost (without memberships) in Stratford, East London. So I will take your through predominantly out-door fitness training locations in and around the Stratford Area.

If you are looking for a local trainer’s insight, I should be able to help. Firstly, I was born and raised in Stratford, so I have a great insight into the local area. Secondly, I also train my Personal Training clients in and around Stratford , therefore I can tell you some great places to get fit and workout.

Best Places to workout in stratford suggestions

If you have suggestions for best places to workout in Stratford, please drop a comment at the end of this post. I would love to hear your suggestions! Any tips that you provide will subsequently be added to this post.

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Personal Trainer workout tips for stratford parks

Lastly, before we get into my reccomendations for workout parks, you can view the locations that I cover by clicking the button below.

Fitness Training in Stratford Park

Stratford park is a good location to workout in as there are tennis courts and basket ball courts for all the family to get there daily exercise and also have some family fun at the same time. There is a good play ground for the kids to enjoy and run around with all of the other kids that are there, as this play area is always pretty active. The park does not have a outdoor gym or a big field space, however this is still a good park to workout in as there is still plenty of green to roll out a mat and start your workout.

Photos of Stratford Park

Here are some photos of Stratford park that I have taken. I wanted to show how clean and spacious the park is. The tennis courts are in great condition, ad the play area is well-designed to keep children happy for hours! I wasn’t able to find licence-free photos, so I took my own pics! Please feel free to upload photos that you have taken (in comments), and I will repost them.

Workouts in West ham park, Stratford

West ham park is a good park to workout in for many different reasons, there are two play areas for the kids to enjoy. Also there’s tennis court to have some family fun and plenty of green space to set up some form of sports activity. This park also has a outdoor gym with equipment based around the park such as pull up bars, dip bars, leg press, sit up bench, shoulder press. One of the best things about this park is that it has some great sights and also has shelter huts around the park, so if it rains there is nothing to stop you from doing a workout under one of them.Β 

Things to note about fitness training in west ham park

From my experience,West Ham Park tends to have irregular closing times. The wardens drive around the park blowing whilstes to let you know that the park will be closing soon. So keep an ear out for those whistles as the park sometimes closes prior to the scheduled closing times. Above all, it can also interrupt your workout if you start the workout towards the end of the day.

West Ham Park Address & opening times

West Ham Park
Upton Lane
London E7 9PU

Opening times: 7.30am – dusk

Photos of West Ham Park, Stratford

Fitness Training at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, Stratford

For me, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park outdoor gym, is the best place for an outdoor workout. There’s tennis, basketball, BMX, great walking and cycling paths and so much more. However, for me, the outdoor gym is the best in London. In the outdoor gym you will certainly get a good workout!Β 

Queen Elizabeth olympic park -best for outdoor gym

Whether you want to be able to do a single pull up, or you’re reallyΒ  into calisthenics, you will have a great workout with the equipment at Queen Elizabeth Olympic park.Β  There’s single pull up bars, a monkey bar, style bars to do a unique workout. Also, there’sΒ  dip bars and also benches that can be used for things such as step ups. in the area next to the outdoor gym there is a play ground for the kids to play in and there is also a stair case structure that can be used to run up and down. that park is close to Meany amazing sights so you could be walking with your partner, have a quick workout and then walk over to west field which is also close by, for something to eat -certainly a good thing!

Photos of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford

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