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Where to get fit in forest gate -personal trainer tips!

Welcome to my blog!

Firstly, name is Dean Burt and I’m a Personal Trainer based in East London. One of the areas that I am based is Forest Gate. Secondly, I grew up in the area, so I certainly know Forest Gate well!

Forest Gate has some great locations to workout in, which I will cover in my blog post. I welcome all comments, suggestions and feedback. So if you have anything to add to this post, please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Incase you are interested in my personal training / fitness bootcamp services, use the buttons below to view my services and locations.

Personal Trainer | Forest Gate | East London

A Personal Trainer's dream Park -Epping forest, Forest Gate

Anyone who grew up in East London, likely has some great childhood memories about this ancient woodland. It’s easy to forget you’re still in Greater London whilst walking around this place!

I could write an entire blog about Epping Forest as it has so many facilities and activities to do. There’s a windsurfing school, white water centre, cycle here and so much more! For full information click here.


Wanstead Flats, Forest Gate

Epping Forest is surely a hard act to follow! But Wanstead Flats is like an intro to Epping Forest as it is situated not too far from Epping Forest. Still, I love this park to workout in.  Wanstead Flats. My personal favourite way of training in the Flats is running. I really enjoy the running trails there!


For more information, please click here 

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