Personal Trainer | Best Leytonstone Park Workout| East London


Personal Trainer tips on Park workouts in Leytonstone

Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Dean and i’m a personal Trainer based in East London. I’ve just started to blog and I wanted to start by writing about local parks that are great for working out in.


Secondly, as I am a local Personal Trainer so I have certainly have a lot of insight into parks around Leytonstone. I’m still building my blog, so I welcome your comments as well as suggestions for other parks that you would like for me to feature. 

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Personal Trainer | Best Leytonstone Park Workout| East London

Langthorne Park, Leytonstone

This park is certainly spacious and offers a lot of variety in fitness choices.  Firstly, Langthorne Park has a Great adiZone outdoor gym. The equipment is in really good condition and theres lot’s of choice in terms of the workout that you can do. Personally, I really enjoy the street ball court.  I like to meet up with my friends and play a game of basketball there. There’s also a tennis wall, and for those who are more adventurous,  the traversing climbing wall that you can scale! The park also has a picnic area and rest rooms. 

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