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Personal Training Tips on best Workout Locations in Hackney

Hi There, my name is Dean Burt and I’m a personal Trainer based in Hackney, East London. Because I grew up in the area, so I know the area well. Furthermore, I cover areas in East London (Hackney, Stratford, Ilford etc). To see the full list of the area that I cover, click the ” View Locations” button.

Please post any comments! if you want me to add more locations, mention some great please to workout and why you find the locations great!

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Great Victoria Park workouts

Victoria Park (aka Vicky Park / The People’s Park) in Hackney is a great place to workout in Tower Hamlets / Hackney. Certainly, the is one of the most beautiful parks in London. Victoria Park was opened in 1845 and spans a massive 86.18 hectares of pristine green space.  This park isn’t great if you want to do an early morning park workout. The opening times are 7am – Dusk. So if you like to get in and workout earlier than 7am, Victoria park wont be right for you. In the summer, the long evenings mean the park is open quite late. But in the winter, the park will close at dusk which is a lot earlier than in the Summer. But all things considered, the park is great.

Hackney Downs park Workouts

Hackney Downs is a great place to get fit and workout whilst outdoors. It has seasonal athletics tracks & basketball courts. The athletics track is great for HiiT and sprints training. It also has tennis courts, some of which are flood light. The only downside to the park is that a lot of people walk their dogs off-lead, which means you may have a dog run up and say hello whilst you’re working out in Hackney Downs.

Workouts at Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes is a great park to workout and get fit in. The park has football pitches, changing rooms and a nice cafe. Actually, the park has received awards. The only downside to this park is that people hold unauthorised parties there, but Hackney council has recently taken out an injunction against people holding parties etc in the park. I’m hoping that this is enough to stop the parties there, the trash left behind really impacts the park negatively.

Clissold Park Fitness

This park is great for fitness training and park workouts. there’s tennis courts and table tennis. Theres also a wheels park. Clissold Park has some great open spaces where you can do body-weight resistance training and cardio exercise. There’s paths for you to run around in the park, if you prefer to jog. Plus, there’s Deer in the park! There’s been 7 new (young) deers introduced to the park -definitely worth fitness training in Clissold Park!

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